Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Part of being a Fly Hunnie is recognizing when things are awesome.

Though we all have excellent taste and are able to discover good, new music without help, sometimes it takes a little push in the right direction to listen to something that may have otherwise been missed.

Case in point: Englishman.

I can take no credit for knowing about this band, but they are excellent.

I think the immediate draw they have is the fact that they are able to embrace some of the most appealing aspects of current indie releases while not conforming to expected sound. They are lyrically solid, and the vocals are stellar and easy on the ear, 
which seems to be a trait found less and less in "authentic" music.

(By the way, I hate when people say things are authentic. Really? Really?)

I might not be able to take credit for all kinds of being aware of the emerging music scene and knowing what's going to be getting big, but thanks to other people noticing that this great little band is opening for Deer Tick, Elf Power, and Bonnie "Prince" Billy. and playing for Daytrotter, I'm going to agree that Englishman is going places.

And hello, they played at Transylvania University. That is awesome. And in Kentucky, but whatever.

Grapple with morality on your own terms.

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  1. To quote a few great minds of our generation:
    "Yeah, fuck yeah" - Tilley
    "Church" - Forrest
    "Huzzah" - Trubes