Sunday, April 12, 2009


It's essentially my greatest life-long dream to be a ballerina.

(My cousin Morgan and I were cute and in puzzle form.)

For a long time, I was sure I had some really serious talent and would put on shows in the house for paying customers, including my parents and indulgent aunts and uncles. I often even coerced my brother and cousin Christopher into wearing leotards and tutus. There is evidence, but I am not cruel enough to share it here.

After a decade of dance lessons and a lot of work, I finally came to an understanding with my body that I was never made to be a ballerina.
If you know me, you know that I am not tall, do not have long, graceful limbs, have little to no coordination, and in short, would never be a talented dancer, no matter how many piqué turns, relevés, and grand jetés I did in class.

Let's be real here. I sucked.

So I settle for being a fake ballerina for Halloween and loving art featuring dancers, especially ballerinas.

I do love me some Degas, but I also love me some mid-century photography.
So here!

Enjoy some lovely dancers, a lovely music video of a song about dancers, and then download said song. Then go see the band performing said song at the High Noon in the coming weeks.


Edward Clark...

Norman Parkinson...

Patrick Baldwin...

Alfred Eisenstaedt...

Lois Greenfield...

Kim Camba...

Backstage with the Modern Dancers - Great Lake Swimmers

Enjoy the dancers. I will continue to live vicariously.


  1. One time I was a ballerina

    Then my legs got trapped under a boulder

    And I got an accidental sex change

  2. thanks for those deep thoughts, pirruccello.

  3. We know this isn't Kanye.
    If it was, it would've been written in autotune form.
    One. Tiimimimme. IIII. WaAS. Aaaa. BalllllllERiiiiNA.