Monday, April 20, 2009

Kids With Cameras

I think the hardest thing about photography is capturing unabashed human emotion (which is why I almost never take pictures of people).
Often sought after but difficult to attain, only people with a thirst for life will find it.
This is why I adore the children of Kids With Cameras.
Sure they live in less than desirable conditions, but they understand life and the emotions that come with it more than I ever will.
They are examples of pure triumph on a planet that has forgotten them.
And armed with only a basic camera, they are setting out to share their story with the world.

(Top to bottom: Cairo, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Calcutta, Jerusalem, Calcutta, Jerusalem, Haiti)

These photos and many more breathtaking works can be found at Kids With Cameras, along with information about the organization.
Some pieces are available for purchase with proceeds going to programs which will held educate these talented kids. So if you have $200+ to drop on a print, by all means, please do.
They certainly deserve it.


  1. Ohhhhhh man. You know the way to a lady's heart.

  2. Danielle I say don't go with him unless he is bringing that gun.