Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Thing FlyHunniez Hate: The Paul Bunyan Room

Special Post Alert!!!

We, as a collective, do not support disliking things, 
but here is an exception: 
The Paul Bunyan Room in the Memorial Union at Wisconsin.

This is the worst room in the history of time.
There have been several meetings for a committee we are all on here, and it sucks.

The temperature in here is comparable to the center of the earth, 
the murals are baffling and overwhelming, 
and the layout is terrible for any kind of group discussion.

Here's an example of the wall decor:

There is also a fish-cat thing. I don't know either.

We need to get out of this room.


  1. Brigid, did you take that photo with photo booth? Wow.

  2. And I would know something about the temperature of the center of Earth. Paul Bunyan tops it by a long-shot.
    I just feel like my brain is melting every time I have to sit in there for more than an hour.
    Ha, and I knew the mass suicide tag would come in handy.

  3. And no, Katie. Unfortunately there is a picture of this possessed room floating about the Internet bringing terror to the hearts of those who come across it.

  4. I felt the heat of that room. On the one hand I wanted to stick my arm out the window and feel the pleasant breeze of the real world, as opposed to the boiling lava mass of the center of the earth. However, this required me to place my hand above a heater, which leads me to one question: Why on earth are the heaters blasting 193˚ air out in the middle of April!? Riddle me this Batman...

  5. this should also probably be cross-listed to the wud-blog. i mean, cross-posted. too much time with the time table.