Saturday, March 14, 2009

After Dinner Mints

After a delicious meal out on the town, I am always craving that little something extra. And luckily, the high caliber restaurants that I frequent know exactly what I desire- an after dinner mint. Now, we're not talking the standard after dinner mint which I do occasionally enjoy: the pastel and fluffy delicacies with their light and airy mint flavour. Sometimes, however, the situation calls for a real mint. Straight up.

So many varieties, so many options.

Depending on the level of class your chosen restaurant possess, your mint options can range from the quotidian miniature peppermints all the way to the ever elegant chocolate mint. Don't get me wrong, the delectable melt-in-you-mouth velvety sensation of the chocolate mint is hard to outshine, but sometimes the good ol' down to earth peppermint is just what I am craving.

It is at these moments where I find myself incredibly grateful for these little packaged wonders so graciously bestowed upon us, the customers. Basking in the after-dinner glow, the time is right where a minty sensation can only perfect the essence of an already excellent meal.

It is therefore fitting to conclude that the after dinner mint is one of nature's most precious and glorious gifts; to be enjoyed to the fullest extents of our human powers and to be savoured in the majesty and magnificence it deserves.

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