Friday, March 6, 2009


Orangina. What can I say?

I have a feeling that the reason Orangina is so tempting and delicious is the pulp. It may also be that the bottle is so pleasing to my tactile senses. To what does it compare? Orange juice? No. Fanta? No. Hi-C? Definitely not. The closest thing may be a mimosa or orange juice and club soda, but they both lack the bottle and sometimes also lack the pulp.

I cannot qualify or quantify my love for Orangina, rather like my feelings about the color gray. So instead I will just leave you with pictures, which cannot capture the essence of the delight I find in Orangina. They will have to do.



    brigid- have you had this? I think it is pretty similar to orangina as far as drinks go, but much better. Like, they visit each others' lockers often enough, but one of them gets the classy gents and one attracts measled, yet polite, student council treasurers.


    correction: this is what i was talking about. both incredibly worthy of mention, though.

  3. Mmm. Classy tastes. Orangina is practically my lover.