Friday, March 13, 2009

The Boys

There is this crew of boys who tend to just be around. I'm not quite sure how I fell in with a group of such hooligans, but I guess they're okay.

William, Intensity, and Sam are classy dudes. Except Sam, who looked like the lovechild of Juno and a hoodrat today.

Will got a tattoo of the NMH aeroplane today. If you needed proof that he's a legitimate person to hang out with, that should be enough. Kid is legit. Also, he likes my sister's hamster. I also like my sister's hamster.

Sam had a long, interesting day today. I don't think I'm quite at liberty to tell the tale. Otherwise I would, since it describes Sam really well. We also sit together in our Physician in History lecture. I don't think either of us are totally sure what's going on in there at any point in time.

J. Ash really is classy. He was really sleepy since he stayed up incredibly late for no real reason yesterday with Intensity and I. John is really good at school, I think. Also, he was part of the monster truck fiasco, which makes him markedly cooler than many other people.

Pictured above is Brandon, aka Intensity. Intensity has really good taste in music and also wears some pretty sweet Chucks on a regular basis. Intensity is also our most dedicated blog reader, so big ups for that one, kid.

Thumbs up to these three and also Todd, who wasn't here this afternoon and so didn't get in the body of this post. Kid is cool, though, and I like him, too.

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