Friday, March 6, 2009

Diane Sudyka

My hero, Charles Darwin, as depicted by Miss Sudyka.

I've said before that if humans were capable of flight, I would be the Usain Bolt of the sky. Perhaps this wishful thinking is what has led to my adoration of the super-talented Diane Sudyka. Not only is she a phenomenal artist, she volunteers at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History working with feathered friends (albeit dead feathered friends).
Be still my heart.

Did I mention she's worked alongside Andrew Bird? She created the cover for the deluxe version of his latest release, Noble Beast and some gorgeous tour posters.
Here's a little insight into the collaboration.
Are you jealous yet? Because really, I would give my left foot to talk to Andrew Bird about microcosms.

It is hard for me to not plaster this post with pictures of her breathtaking artwork so I'll limit my pictoral additions to her renditions of a few of my favorite birds.
She has a website, a blog, and a store. Visit, read, buy.

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