Wednesday, March 11, 2009


No need for me to join eHarmony anytime soon, as long as I have bagels in my life, I have plenty of love and warmth and carbs.

I've always had a spot in my heart for baked goods but never realized my infatuation for bagels until I went to Einstein Bros. Bagels for the first time. I mean, there are a near infinite amount of combinations for bagel and schmear choices and they toast your bagel, how could you go wrong?! Some favorites of mine: blueberry bagel/honey almond schmear, good grains bagel/blueberry schmear, and, a reccommendation by ZoidBerg, potato bagel/tomato basil schmear.

I know, I know. Nationwide chain. "What about those little Ma and Pop stores, D. Bade,what are you, are an unpatriotic heathen?
Simple answer: uh-huh.
Einstein is the closest bagel supplier to me. I'm sure there are other bagels worthy of a home in my tummy from homegrown shops, but until I accidentally go to one or someone gives me a good bagel tip, I will continue to blindly follow the Einstein Bros.
Maybe even drink their Kool-Aid.
Or rather, eat their Kool-Aid bagel with cyanide schmear.

At some point Sir Cross talks about bagels (squagels, actually).
Listen to him, he's godly.


  1. This just reminds me of you, Brad and I waiting in line in middle school for our bagels and giant cookies. public school nutrition yumm.

  2. You mustn't forget the Slush Puppies. Bahama Mama and the sour syrup flavor still reside in my taste buds.

  3. This entry has made me decide that we are going to be friends.

    Even though I now have a horrible Einstein Brothers craving that cannot be satisfied due to matters of geography.