Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Manic Trout

So, I really like to pretend I'm cool. And every once in a while, I find something that will help me look much, much cooler than I actually am. When I'm really lucky, I find a whole plethora of things to help me look awesome.

Sierra Bailey, thank you (THANK YOU!) for giving me Manic Trout. So much cool - all in one beautiful place. It's all hand-made and all fairly inexpensive. And, what more, the item names come out of songs. So much more legit.

Of the handful of items I've received as gifts, these two are my favorites:

These are the "Sweetest Things" earrings in "Adria." They're tiny, and it's hard to tell they aren't just plain black studs but actually little roses. All the better for it.

And my personal favorite: The "Freak Like Me" necklace in "Nicola." The charms are unique enough to keep from looking precious and are jangly enough to play with when I'm bored in class. It's a winner.

There are also prints and paintings available, and though I don't have any yet, I will definitely be ordering one in the near future. Maybe this one?

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